A dry January update…

As part of my New Year's resolution of being impeccable with my word (to myself!), I committed to an alcohol-free January. Why subject myself to this torture, you ask? Well...after quite a boozy holiday December, I wanted to prove to myself that I don't need to drink wine to have a good time AND I… Continue reading A dry January update…


Slowing down automated living with rituals.

I've recently received two gifts that have quickly become the cornerstone of my morning routine: a vintage vinyl record player and an espresso machine. Every morning, I crawl out of bed 30 minutes earlier than usual, and stumble sleepily into my living room to strategically select a record from my quickly growing collection to set… Continue reading Slowing down automated living with rituals.

Word vomit

Why do we blog?

I recently decided to look up an old friend I had lost touch with to see what she was up to. Upon going down the google search rabbit hole, I stumbled upon a highschool Livejournal of mine. As I sifted through the barrage of teenage angst, emo lyrics and general mean teen girl bravado, I… Continue reading Why do we blog?

Word vomit

Real life vs. Instagram life

In this culture of shiny Instagram feeds of girl bosses building empires off of duck-face selfies and thigh gaps, the slew of irritatingly chiseled Beach Body coaches "keepin' it real"  with abs that could grate cheese and the infallibly stylish wanderlust millennials with seemingly unlimited trust funds spewing their first-world privilege motivational quotes, it is… Continue reading Real life vs. Instagram life

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Thank you, 2017!

I recently re-read my entire blog from start to finish. It was a mixed bag of emotions: I ebbed from laughing at some of my more self-deprecating posts to feeling sorry for my former self, as I grappled with the experience of my first (but not last) utter mindfuck of a heartbreak. On December 31,… Continue reading Thank you, 2017!

Cubicle escape

T-minus 125 days: Serenity now…

Current mood: Frank Costanza, Episode 159, Seinfeld. Not a Seinfeld fan? We can't be friends. The first few days after I decided to quit my job I felt...zen. Work bullshit could not touch me. "Oh, you want that last-minute PowerPoint deck done in 30 minutes? Sure thing, sir. Not a problem. Happy to help!" I took… Continue reading T-minus 125 days: Serenity now…

Cubicle escape

T-minus 126 days: When the going gets tough…

...I usually give up and concede to another few months of cubicle life until I get so sick of water cooler chit-chat again that I come up with another seemingly-awesome idea which I inevitably give up on and so on. You get the point. So what's different this time? Beyond the giant pile of self-help… Continue reading T-minus 126 days: When the going gets tough…

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I can do anything…

...but not everything. And that is where the trouble begins (or rather, never starts). As the years pass, the more I realize that I must let go of ghost ships of lives not lived; paths not taken. In my attempt to not commit any mistakes, I stand at the precipice of the multi-faceted person I… Continue reading I can do anything…

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Goodbye, 2015.

I would like to gracefully depart 2015 with a note for anyone who has recently had their heart broken. Things probably seem pretty fucking shitty right now. You may still be struggling to dig yourself out of a mound of snotty Kleenex – or perhaps you're not even pretending to try. Or maybe you are… Continue reading Goodbye, 2015.


The perils of modern dating.

The last time I actively dated as an "adult" was when I was 19 – a time when anyone who dated online was still considered a social leper and my prefrontal cortex was still not yet fully developed. (Any day now, brain...any day.) Dating in your late 20s – after a decade of catapulting yourself… Continue reading The perils of modern dating.