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The magic of saying things out loud.

Day 6 of my sinus infection...please send chicken soup and trashy magazines to: Mucus Blob Girl Shoebox Condo The Tundra aka. Canada When I went to see my doctor to get antibiotics, I mentioned that I had dropped by my work to "show face" aka. stop the squawking cubicle hens from spreading rumours about me… Continue reading The magic of saying things out loud.


Slowing down automated living with rituals.

I've recently received two gifts that have quickly become the cornerstone of my morning routine: a vintage vinyl record player and an espresso machine. Every morning, I crawl out of bed 30 minutes earlier than usual, and stumble sleepily into my living room to strategically select a record from my quickly growing collection to set… Continue reading Slowing down automated living with rituals.

Word vomit

Why do we blog?

I recently decided to look up an old friend I had lost touch with to see what she was up to. Upon going down the google search rabbit hole, I stumbled upon a highschool Livejournal of mine. As I sifted through the barrage of teenage angst, emo lyrics and general mean teen girl bravado, I… Continue reading Why do we blog?

Word vomit

Finding my “blogging niche”…

Every post I've ever read about setting up a blog starts with the same advice: "find your niche." This has always dissuaded me from regular writing because my brain simply refuses to focus on one niche. Just because today I'm hellbent on learning everything there is to know about pickling vegetables, doesn't mean that next… Continue reading Finding my “blogging niche”…


My two new year’s resolutions.

Every year I enthusiastically make a long list of resolutions that ends up crumpled up into a forgotten ball by the end of the February (sound familiar?). In the spirit of simplifying my life this year, I am making only two resolutions that encompass everything that I want to accomplish: Be impeccable with my… Continue reading My two new year’s resolutions.

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Thank you, 2017!

I recently re-read my entire blog from start to finish. It was a mixed bag of emotions: I ebbed from laughing at some of my more self-deprecating posts to feeling sorry for my former self, as I grappled with the experience of my first (but not last) utter mindfuck of a heartbreak. On December 31,… Continue reading Thank you, 2017!

Cubicle escape

The end of the countdown.

I did it again. I put so much imaginary pressure on myself to "escape" the cubicle within a certain time frame, that I began to loathe the process. Suddenly the 9-5 grind didn't seem like such a sucker deal anymore. It always comes down to the same problem: taking on too much at once, making… Continue reading The end of the countdown.

Cubicle escape

T-minus 118 days: A slightly less vague semblance of an escape plan.

In case you weren't able to decipher my escape plan from my brilliant doodle, this is what I've got "figured out" so far... 1. Shit I know I have to do: Move out of Toronto (*insert gasp from anyone who knows me*) Embrace a more minimalist lifestyle 2. Shit I still need to figure out:… Continue reading T-minus 118 days: A slightly less vague semblance of an escape plan.

Cubicle escape

T-minus 119 days: Goodbye, to-do lists!

I've always been a proponent of to-do lists as a way of organizing the seemingly endless number of tasks I've been dawdling on. The only problem is, to-do lists are sneaky. They provide you with the temporary illusion of getting shit done: Step 1, make a to-do list. Well, that took effort. I deserve the… Continue reading T-minus 119 days: Goodbye, to-do lists!

Cubicle escape

T-minus 120 days: A brief summary of days 1-10.

It is hard to believe that I made the decision to escape the cube of doom a mere 10 days ago, because so much has happened since then. Well, to be fair, days 1-5 were really just a combination of me manically scribbling down every half-baked idea that came to mind, frantically checking bank accounts… Continue reading T-minus 120 days: A brief summary of days 1-10.