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Commitment versus interest.

Every morning, I sweat, swear and ungracefully hobble my way through a hybrid boot camp/self defense class. My legs are so fatigued after that I have to crawl up the last flight of stairs to reach my door (I live on the third floor). I've signed up for a number of these fitness challenges in… Continue reading Commitment versus interest.

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The bureaucracy of dying.

The couch is covered with a decade's worth of papers, as we sift through trying to make meaning of it all. Birth certificate. Life insurance. Bank statements. Utility bills. Vacation cancellation policies. Paystubs. Marriage license. Pensions. Cellphone contracts. Drivers licenses.  Rent invoices. Passports. Property taxes. Receipts. Immigration papers. Death certificate. It all feels so horribly… Continue reading The bureaucracy of dying.

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The grief squad.

The four of us cling onto each other, forming the grief squad. Our days fall into a familiar routine: cleaning, sorting, crying, convincing each other to eat, forced evening walks and sporadic (somewhat guilty) laughter, usually when we discover a hidden memory we can share with the rest that we had long forgotten about. We… Continue reading The grief squad.

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Jubilee garden.

If I stretch my arms out far enough I can graze the edges of my grief with my fingertips, pushing it away to make room for my mother's grief, which she is unable to hold back as it crashes against her relentlessly. Nothing will ever be the same again. I stumble through the hospital corridors… Continue reading Jubilee garden.

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Cause my momma said so.

I've had a perma smile plastered on my face for the majority of the last 24 hours. But as colleagues' emails began to trickle in as the news leaked that I was quitting to pursue a "personal endeavour," my feelings of unadulterated joy were punctured by brief moments of panic: "You're quitting your job? Wow.… Continue reading Cause my momma said so.

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Self-entitlement vs. self-growth.

The night before the phone interview, I began to rationalize taking on a new role (a promotion!) at the conglomerate: This would be more money that I could put away and then really take the time to build a business when I'm more financially set! Maybe it isn't corporate life that is so bad, maybe… Continue reading Self-entitlement vs. self-growth.

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The golden opportunity.

The week of hell raged on...my inbox groaned and froze frequently due to the constant stream of emails, my caffeine intake tripled and my nails were now non-existent (and my only source of sustenance between meetings). But through it all, a small smile remained on my face, assured and confident that I was ready to… Continue reading The golden opportunity.

quitting 101, Word vomit

The problem with “okay.”

As you may already know from previous posts, I work for a large nameless corporate conglomerate, affectionately referred to as the salt mine. The thing about my job is that it's very steady, it pays well and for the most part...it's okay. The problem with "okay" is that it breeds complacency. Things aren't good enough… Continue reading The problem with “okay.”

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The magic of saying things out loud.

Day 6 of my sinus infection...please send chicken soup and trashy magazines to: Mucus Blob Girl Shoebox Condo The Tundra aka. Canada When I went to see my doctor to get antibiotics, I mentioned that I had dropped by my work to "show face" aka. stop the squawking cubicle hens from spreading rumours about me… Continue reading The magic of saying things out loud.