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Cause my momma said so.

I've had a perma smile plastered on my face for the majority of the last 24 hours. But as colleagues' emails began to trickle in as the news leaked that I was quitting to pursue a "personal endeavour," my feelings of unadulterated joy were punctured by brief moments of panic: "You're quitting your job? Wow.… Continue reading Cause my momma said so.

Inspiration, Word vomit

The golden opportunity.

The week of hell raged inbox groaned and froze frequently due to the constant stream of emails, my caffeine intake tripled and my nails were now non-existent (and my only source of sustenance between meetings). But through it all, a small smile remained on my face, assured and confident that I was ready to… Continue reading The golden opportunity.

Inspiration, Word vomit

Confessions of a complacent cog.

After the brief spurt last November where I vowed to quit my job over a period of 130 days, a few key things happened: 1. I moved out of the concrete jungle and into a much smaller "up-and-coming" city with Mr. J (cutting down my living expenses in half for a loft that makes my… Continue reading Confessions of a complacent cog.