Word vomit

Real life vs. Instagram life

In this culture of shiny Instagram feeds of girl bosses building empires off of duck-face selfies and thigh gaps, the slew of irritatingly chiseled Beach Body coaches "keepin' it real"  with abs that could grate cheese and the infallibly stylish wanderlust millennials with seemingly unlimited trust funds spewing their first-world privilege motivational quotes, it is… Continue reading Real life vs. Instagram life

Word vomit

T-minus 126 days: When the going gets tough…

...I usually give up and concede to another few months of cubicle life until I get so sick of water cooler chit-chat again that I come up with another seemingly-awesome idea which I inevitably give up on and so on. You get the point. So what's different this time? Beyond the giant pile of self-help… Continue reading T-minus 126 days: When the going gets tough…