Why a year of 30-day challenges?

I must confess, I had this idea for the first time when I was turning 30. I needed a way to start hacking away at my rolling “bucket list” of things I always wanted to accomplish, in a way that combined some sort of structure and accountability (two things I have learned are key for me in developing habits!).

I was reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert and the idea of a year-long 30-day challenge journey slapped me across the face and buried itself deep inside my brain, relentlessly nagging until I gave in. (PS. Haven’t read Big Magic? Don’t be a fool. Go do it. Best. Book. Ever.)

I began with a month of veganism, not realizing that I had a SEVERE quinoa intolerance. After 21 days of subtly poisoning myself with a steady stream of quinoa and feeling like shit / borderline pukey at all times / bloated AF, I gave up and embraced bacon back into my life. (PS. I finally figured out the quinoa intolerance MONTHS later in Peru. Peruvians LOVE their quinoa. No bueno for me.) 

My failed vegan debacle led me to quickly losing interest in my year-long pursuit….yet it kept popping up every few weeks at the back of mind and would not let me rest! I knew it was something I needed to do to prove that I am capable of keeping my word to myself and that I don’t quit at everything I do.

I finally feel like I am in the right place and time to give it an earnest go. Every day I continue to meditate, I build back that trust in myself a little bit more.

Current status: Day 13 of meditating (woo hoo!) / just discovered instacart (holy shit – obsessed!) / grateful for my toes finally being on the mend


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