I did something amazing today I haven’t done in a LONG time…

This afternoon, following my meditation (Day 6, huzzah!), I read for a full…uninterrupted…glorious…cell-phone free…60 minutes.

*mic drop*

I know. I know. This doesn’t seem like a big deal. But I want you to take a moment to think about when the last time you did this was. I would wager to bet that you’re scratching your head trying to remember. (And if you’re not, then kuddos to you, you brilliant human being!)

One of my earliest vivid memories is my grandfather taking me to the local library every Saturday morning. We would walk through the winding forest trail with me skipping a few steps ahead, unable to contain my excitement. Once we got to the library, he would allow me to fill up arms with as many books as I could cram into my My Little Pony backpack. He would then gently guide me back home, holding my free hand; the other one occupied with balancing a book in front of my face whilst expertly maneuvering around stones and tree stumps under my feet.

These days, both hands are otherwise occupied…reaching for my phone. Already anticipating the immediate gratification of a quick text from Mr. J or a loved one, or mindlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed, I have forgotten my ability to immerse myself fully in anything. 

I am only on Day 6 of my meditation practice, but it is already seeping into unexpected places in my life, which I didn’t even realize were forgotten and empty.

I have felt more like myself in the last six days, than I have in the previous six months.

Current Status: plowing through Michelle Obama’s “Becoming” / hooked up my GoodReads account again (add me!) / enjoying being snug inside a solarium “snow globe”



3 thoughts on “I did something amazing today I haven’t done in a LONG time…

  1. bobbisquestblog says:

    I’ve been listening to the audiobook for Becoming, and I’m really enjoying it. I’ve been doing the GoodReads challenge for a few years now. Last year I managed 50 books. I’ve never managed that much in one year before. I’m really proud.

    Good for you for managing to put your phone down. Might I suggest the app Forest. It’s good for preventing you from using your phone for a selected period of time so you can focus on you work, or in this case, reading.

    I have been struggling recently to make myself sit down and read, more often just getting distracted by my computer or phone. Mostly I just read on the bus to work, but I need to build up my habit of reading in the mornings and evening, just to help me get through a little bit extra. Haha.

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  2. Loretta says:

    A good post. I think we are all consumed with social media these days or other distractions on our phones. Kudos to you for being able to set aside some time to read without any interruptions. I’ve made a vow to myself to do the same.

    Liked by 1 person

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