Have you thanked your big toes lately?

Did you know that every single day, your big toes assist in maintaining your balance while standing? Not to mention, they also provide additional leverage to your foot every time you push off the ground.

I must admit, I had not pondered the importance of my big toes until a recent skiing “incident” involving boots that mangled my big toes. Without getting into too many gross details (seriously, save yourself and refrain from googling any of this)…sandal season has been cut short for me before it ever began. It can take up to a goddamn year to regrow a big toenail. A YEAR.

I must also admit that I was quite rattled after this misfortune. I mourned the beautiful strappy sandals at the back of my closet, destined to never see the light or experience the joy of a summer day; and my regular pedicures I would no longer require for lack of a viable canvas to be painted.

Luckily, today’s lesson focusing on gratitude broke up my sad little pity party for one. It made me visualize two things:

  1. All the bad things that hadn’t actually happened to me Eg. permanent damage to my feet or any other type of actual monstrous dislocation people around the world face each day)
  2. Dying tomorrow…and how if I knew this was going to happen, how I would savour this exact moment differently. My toe woes would no longer be relevant.

I plan on using this exercise every time I look down at my hideous feet over the next 6-12 months. And I sure as hell will never take these little piggies for granted again!

Current status: looking up cute Converse / craving eggs I don’t have / thumping around in Mr. J’s big winter boots


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