Which meditation app should I use?

There are countless meditation apps I sifted through to land on the one I will be using throughout my 30-day meditation challenge. Headspace. Calm. Insight Timer. Simple Habit. Aura. Brightmind. 10% Happier: Meditation. Waking Up (Sam Harris).

I downloaded and tested out each one, and ultimately landed on using Sam Harris’ app for two key reasons:

1. Sam Harris. My boyfriend (Mr. J) is a huge fan and through listening to Sam’s podcast with him throughout the last two years, I have also really come to enjoy his work and ability to express himself so simply but articulately. Oh! Not to mention, I also find his voice super soothing!

2. Format. Each day begins with a lesson separate from the meditation. I find these quick 5-minute lessons to be invaluable and oftentimes listen to them 2-3 times, furiously scribbling down notes that I can then reference back to when I feel my monkey brain creeping up on me.

Completing this exercise of choosing my meditation app made me realize how easy it is to get stuck in analysis paralysis and just never start. It is a not-so subtle form of procrastination that is easily side stepped with giving yourself a time limit to make a decision.

So if you also have a habit of getting stuck in this familiar trap, my advice for you is…just do something! Anything. An “imperfect” start is better than no start at all.

Now if you will excuse me…time to meditate.

Current Status: Day 3 and going strong! / mourning my mangled big toes / obsessing over Marie Kondo on Netflix 


4 thoughts on “Which meditation app should I use?

  1. HowToGoodLife says:

    Good luck on that meditation challenge!

    I have been meditating for quite a while now, but I remember that my first 30 days were pretty bumpy.
    I felt like I am doing everything wrong and that I am getting nowhere. In case you feel that way, just keep going! It is the right direction.

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