Hello, 2019!

Every January 1st, I resolve to make monumental changes in my life with no clear roadmap or plan, and inevitably find a variation of this sad, crumpled up list years later, scratching my head about where it all went wrong (or rather, why it never started!).

Luckily, the items on my list more or less remain unchanged each year, meaning I at the very least have chosen the right areas of my life to focus on.

Beginning today, I will be embarking on a year of 30-day challenges, designed to provide structure and accountability to these goals; designed to regain trust and confidence in my ability to keep promises to myself.

I had planned on beginning with a month full of yoga…but due to an unfortunate skiing incident, my big toes are mangled. So instead, today marks my first month of meditation.

Current status: wondering why I never realized how important my big toes were / mourning the approaching open toe shoe season / brewing some tea to get my zen on


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