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The golden opportunity.

The week of hell raged on…my inbox groaned and froze frequently due to the constant stream of emails, my caffeine intake tripled and my nails were now non-existent (and my only source of sustenance between meetings).

But through it all, a small smile remained on my face, assured and confident that I was ready to bravely put an end to my corporate existence (once my boss returned), and attempt to sort out gainful employment beyond the confines of my cube.

And then an unfamiliar name popped up in my inbox, requesting an interview for a new position in a new department, upon the glowing recommendation of an old colleague. Could this be a sign that all I needed was a smaller change within my current circumstances? I agreed to a phone interview the next day.

Current status:enjoying the first flickers of Spring / wondering about the difference between coffee and espresso (anyone?) / too lazy to google an answer


1 thought on “The golden opportunity.”

  1. A very honest piece of writing! I really liked the message that you are trying to deliver, your talent really speaks for itself. Wow. I hope you could check my blog and maybe you could be inspired as well.


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