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The problem with “okay.”

As you may already know from previous posts, I work for a large nameless corporate conglomerate, affectionately referred to as the salt mine.

The thing about my job is that it’s very steady, it pays well and for the most part…it’s okay.

The problem with “okay” is that it breeds complacency. Things aren’t good enough for me to get really excited about what I’m doing (although many feeble attempts have been made) but they also aren’t bad enough most days to just throw in the towel.

So last week, when my boss left for a holiday, things quickly went from okay to complete and utter chaos as the floodgates open to all the colossal crap she has to deal with on a daily basis.

As I gnawed my fingernails down to the skin each day, counting down the minutes until I could close the laptop of doom and forget about it until the next morning, I realized that this was the reality I was working towards. A promotion from my current “okay” role would launch me right into 24/7 accountability to the salt mine (for a very lacklustre internal pay bump, may I add).

During one particularly mind-numbing executive meeting I had to sit on, I looked around the tense faces and realized this was the last day place I wanted to be in the world right at that moment. I had been unconsciously counting out how quickly I would need to sprint out of the meeting and run across a busy street (in heels!) to make my early train home.

I made a promise right then and there to myself that I would re-write my story; no matter how many attempts it took. “Okay” simply wasn’t good enough anymore.

Little did I know how quickly my resolve would be tested just the following day.

Current status: elbowing throngs of equally miserable commuters / dreaming of carbs / zero fucks left


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