Word vomit

The magic of saying things out loud.

Day 6 of my sinus infection…please send chicken soup and trashy magazines to:

Mucus Blob Girl
Shoebox Condo
The Tundra aka. Canada

When I went to see my doctor to get antibiotics, I mentioned that I had dropped by my work to “show face” aka. stop the squawking cubicle hens from spreading rumours about me playing hookey.

“Corporate environments…they’re so twisted, man,” she remarked shaking her head. I looked over her shoulder at my file. Under occupation, the word banker loomed back at me.

I filled my lungs with air and exhaled in one long breath: “I’m quitting my job, moving cities and starting my own photography business.” 

She spun around on her chair. “That’s wonderful! I didn’t want to say anything, but I never took you for the corporate type.” I smiled for the first time that day.

And then, spinning back around to the screen, with a quick click of her fingers, she erased banker and replaced it with photographer.

“There. It’s official and on your file. Now you have to do it.” She smiled and walked out of the room.

The more I vocalize my plans for the future, the more courage I build. Something that was once a shapeless dream is now a startlingly concrete plan. I know that with enough tenacity and persistence, I can create a career that I love.

Have you ever made any big career shifts in your life? Any advice?

Current status: wrapped up in my make-shift cocoon / excited for my line-a-day journal / trying not to check work emails


3 thoughts on “The magic of saying things out loud.”

  1. 1. Do NOT check your work email if you are out sick. Doing so will give those cubicle chatters the impression that you aren’t really sick.

    2. Good on ya! I think voicing our dreams and desires is the first step to making them a reality.

    3. I worked for almost 10 years as a speech-language pathologist. Then I worked for 7 1/2 years in cubicle land. I’ve spent the past 5 as the Communications and Outreach Specialist for a non-profit I am passionate about. You don’t have to “do” or “be” just one thing forever. Yes, it takes courage to take a jump – but you can do it! I have faith in you.

    4. If I could bring you chicken soup, I would. I could probably arrange for a delivery from a local restaurant..


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