Slowing down automated living with rituals.

I’ve recently received two gifts that have quickly become the cornerstone of my morning routine: a vintage vinyl record player and an espresso machine.

Every morning, I crawl out of bed 30 minutes earlier than usual, and stumble sleepily into my living room to strategically select a record from my quickly growing collection to set the tone for the rest of my morning. I then saunter into my kitchen to begin making my morning espresso; grinding fresh beans each time for the perfect brew. I carefully bring my monogrammed cup to the couch, where I spend the next 15 minutes clearing mind while basking in the strong flavour of the espresso dancing across my taste buds and the soft music playing around me.

This is in sharp contrast to the “morning routine” I employed for the previous five years: hitting the snooze button half a dozen times before begrudgingly cracking open an eye only to check my work emails and begin stressing immediately about the endless conference calls, fast-approaching deadlines and general cluster of an inbox…before I even rolled out of bed. Followed by a quick cup of crappy coffee from my non-descript coffee maker and mindlessly humming along to whatever Spotify’s algorithim selected for me.

Since implementing these two simple rituals into my morning, I’m more calm and focused throughout my day, and I don’t stress out as easily over trivial work matters. I’m also more firmly grounded in the present, with a stronger appreciation for the simple joys I stumble upon throughout my day.

As the year progresses and Mr. J and I get ready to move (oh yeah, we’re moving in together! *INSERT BIG GOOFY SMILE*), I will be looking for more ways to add regular rituals into my life, to replace other habits that I’ve blindly automated in the past.

Do you have a regular morning ritual? Do you have any ideas for other “automated” processes that can be turned into a ritual?

Current status: Day 5: sick AF / sick of being sick / dreaming of Machu Picchu


5 thoughts on “Slowing down automated living with rituals.

  1. DeeScribes says:

    I have a morning routine only because I rely on other people to help me get out of bed and get ready for the day. It doesn’t involve music, because I time my routine by the segments of Morning Edition, the morning news program on NPR. It DOES involve coffee. 🙂


  2. Carol says:

    Sounds like the perfect way to wake up. I used to have my days start like your old ones. One thing I have been doing the past few years is make my bed and straighten my bedroom. Makes it so nice later on.


    • Finding My Inner Zen says:

      Hey Carol,

      Absolutely – I have also started making my bed before I leave the house. SO much nicer to come home to.

      It is all about the little habits that add value to your every-day.

      Thanks for stopping by and reading! 😀


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