Why do we blog?

I recently decided to look up an old friend I had lost touch with to see what she was up to. Upon going down the google search rabbit hole, I stumbled upon a highschool Livejournal of mine. As I sifted through the barrage of teenage angst, emo lyrics and general mean teen girl bravado, I realized that I’ve felt a life-long need to share my writing with others.

Starting in Grade 3 when I coordinated and commandeered the purchase of butterfly-themed notebooks with my best friend to exchange every weekend so we could keep each other up to date on playground drama and our juvenile innermost thoughts, carrying out all the way through highschool where my whole “girl squad” exchanged carefully curated journals to share our slightly less juvenile innermost thoughts, all the way to starting my Livejournal and subsequent abandoned WordPress blogs.

I started this blog the day after being dumped three years ago (?), driven by the overwhelming pull to document my experience. At the time my intent was to villanize Mr. B and forever capture him on the Internet as a heartbreaking douchebag. But as I worked my way through the breakup stages, my intention changed to wanting to a) help others through my own experiences; and b) help my own damn self sort through my constant stream of thoughts.

And this continues to be the core of it. Although sporadic and themeless, something continues to pull me to come back each time to grace the Internet with my unrefined word vomits.

What is the purpose behind your blogging? Why do you share your writing with others?

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14 thoughts on “Why do we blog?

  1. fransiweinstein says:

    I’ve had so many different blogs and so many different reasons for having them. But when I boil it all down, I think the fact that blogging is so different from the writing I do for a living (advertising) is a big reason. In my soul I think I am an essayist who has an opinion about everything and blogging fills that need.

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  2. Melanie Gabrell says:

    Very intriguing post, especially after reading your comment on the pool! My blog started out just to house a story I wrote to share with family and friends, after my moms passing. Writing was a great way to get my thoughts out. It helps me make sense of what’s in my head. My blog has grown since, and provides a space for my constant thoughts (in stories, drawings, or rambles) my favorite part is the connections I’ve made with people who share similar thoughts 🙂

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  3. floatinggold says:

    While there are a few reasons as to why I blog, one of them coincides with you – to streamline/ sort my thoughts. There’s always conversations going on inside my head, but actually slowing it down and writing it out makes me see things clearer.

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    • Finding My Inner Zen says:

      Agreed – I feel like this is the only way to slow down the cluster that constantly swirls in my head. I tend to compose blog posts in my head throughout the day and scribble them down when I have a spare moment on my phone.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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