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Real life vs. Instagram life

In this culture of shiny Instagram feeds of girl bosses building empires off of duck-face selfies and thigh gaps, the slew of irritatingly chiseled Beach Body coaches “keepin’ it real”  with abs that could grate cheese and the infallibly stylish wanderlust millennials with seemingly unlimited trust funds spewing their first-world privilege motivational quotes, it is easy to fall into the trap of benchmarking yourself against these impossible standards.

I am currently wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket cuddling my chubby dog, wearing my boyfriend’s sweatpants and an old (but loved) Ramones t-shirt. I have not washed my hair in five days and am couch-bound for the near future due to being blessed with the immune system of a baby rabbit. I feel like a human blob, devoid of any motivation to do anything other than marathon watch Black Mirror on Netflix and eat almond butter out of the jar.

This lack of mobility and will to bathe has resulted in an inordinate amount of time spent scrolling through my Instagram feed, which has reinforced what I already know: comparing your real life to others’ Instagram highlight reel is a sure-fire way to feel like shit. 

So I’ve decided to take this extra time I have on my hands as my white blood cells rage a war inside my body against the influenza virus to examine the accounts I follow on Instagram and unfollow any that are bringing up these negative feelings in me. Goodbye, KimKardashian. (Kidding, not kidding).

Let me know if you have any favourite accounts on Instagram that I should follow!

Current Status: hate the flu/ screw you immune system/ how many calories does almond butter have?


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