Word vomit

The end of the countdown.

I did it again. I put so much imaginary pressure on myself to “escape” the cubicle within a certain time frame, that I began to loathe the process.

Suddenly the 9-5 grind didn’t seem like such a sucker deal anymore.

It always comes down to the same problem: taking on too much at once, making big plans focused on specific outcomes and letting the nervous perfectionist in me give up when things aren’t clear-cut.

So although this is the end of the countdown, this is just the beginning of the journey.

Looking forward to 2018 with a clear mind and open heart (along with a small army of my favourite self-help books).


4 thoughts on “The end of the countdown.”

  1. I can definitely relate to this! There are times when my dread of the 9-5, Monday-Fri work week is intense. BUT… while occasionally dreadful, it does provide a very secure paycheck.
    So maybe you vow to be more creative and so forth outside of your cube hours. I find myself in the Saturday/Sunday slump of laundry, reality tv binge watching, and before i know it, it’s Sunday night and the weekend is over and i havent done much… Ugh.
    While your countdown is done, i really hope you will continue to write. Your writing style and thoughts on life are so fun to read. Even if you dont have a specific theme to your blog, your readers will enjoy every new entry!
    P.s. My best friend recently went through a break up and i got her hooked on your earlier blog entries about break ups. She could not get over how relatable it all was, and it really helped!!!

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    1. Hi Christine! Thanks for leaving this lovely comment.

      I was actually in my head most of last night contemplating whether or not I should continue writing in the next year, and then I saw this little gem upon waking up this morning and it felt like a giant nudge from the universe saying, “STOP BEING A WEINER AND KEEP WRITING EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU WANT TO WRITE ABOUT.”

      So thank you. And hearing that my post-breakup rambles helped your friend in some way is pretty awesome. As an FYI, that breakup served as a catalyst for me swiping my way through the city for awhile licking my wounds, but I ended up somehow stumbling into meeting the man of my dreams. Actually, beyond my dreams. I didn’t know men like him existed. I look back at the Mr. B experience and am grateful it happened, otherwise I wouldn’t have met Mr. J.

      Hope your friend has passed the snotting in kleenex / chugging boxes of wine phase – there’s so many amazing people to meet out there.

      Thanks again for the kind words! It’s because of you I’m going to keep word vomiting my little heart out in 2018.

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  2. You must keep writing. Nobody else can write your story! They’ll write stories, sure. But only you can write your truth as you see it. Even if you aren’t counting down to something, you can still be planning to reach a goal. Merry Christmas!

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