Word vomit

T-minus 119 days: Goodbye, to-do lists!

I’ve always been a proponent of to-do lists as a way of organizing the seemingly endless number of tasks I’ve been dawdling on. The only problem is, to-do lists are sneaky. They provide you with the temporary illusion of getting shit done: Step 1, make a to-do list. Well, that took effort. I deserve the rest of the week off! Seinfeld marathon, anyone?

I have notebooks full of to-do lists piling up in my drawers. As such, I am implementing a new rule. If my to-do list item can be completed within that next 10 minutes, then I just do it. No excuses.

If it requires greater effort/time commitment, then it can go on my ONE master to-do list in my amazing new Daily Greatness agenda (more on this in another post!) that I will review on a daily basis.

On that note, I have some dirty dishes to tend to…

Current status: elbow deep in suds / saving trees from my graveyard of lists / digging the new Kelly Clarkson album


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