Word vomit

T-minus 120 days: A brief summary of days 1-10.

It is hard to believe that I made the decision to escape the cube of doom a mere 10 days ago, because so much has happened since then. Well, to be fair, days 1-5 were really just a combination of me manically scribbling down every half-baked idea that came to mind, frantically checking bank accounts for long-lost savings that don’t exist and trying to talk myself out of going nuclear on my corporate existence.

Luckily somewhere between day 6-8, I began to sort this initial barrage of thoughts out and formed a vague semblance of an escape plan. Days 9-10 were spent socializing this plan with those nearest and dearest to me, praying they would be on board (THEY WERE! WOOO!).

There’s still a shit ton to do with very little idea of how to do it. But I’m approaching this week feeling calm, excited and grateful…because I don’t have to do any of this; I get to do all of this.

Current status: digging this tune (thanks, Spotify Discover Weekly!) / wondering if anyone really “works” from home? / dreaming of hot totties


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