Word vomit

T-minus 126 days: When the going gets tough…

…I usually give up and concede to another few months of cubicle life until I get so sick of water cooler chit-chat again that I come up with another seemingly-awesome idea which I inevitably give up on and so on. You get the point.

So what’s different this time? Beyond the giant pile of self-help “follow your dreams” books I’ve armed myself with, the library of podcasts I listen to any time my feet are in motion and a Pinterest board full of vomit-worthy motivational quotes, I am putting every waking moment beyond work and required social obligations (oh hey, boyfriend!) into this.

I am equal parts excited and nauseous…all the time. And despite the the clenching in my chest I feel when I entertain the thought of this not working out, it still beats not having ever tried.


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