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T-minus 127 days: What does freedom mean to you?

A few short years ago, my idea of freedom would have been similar to Adam’s: the ability to strap on a backpack and travel the world.

Today, my idea of freedom has more defined roots: a career I am passionate about with unlimited income potential; the ability to support my hypothetical future family. A home I enjoy waking up in every day; overflowing with memories, not possessions. The ability to travel as much as I want; the flexibility to work remotely in colder months. Never stepping into another cubicle again. Oh, and a lion claw bathtub. Definitely need one of those.

I’m not sure if I quite buy into manifesting what you want; but here’s to trying! Note to self: Look up “how to make vision board.”

What would freedom in your life look like?



5 thoughts on “T-minus 127 days: What does freedom mean to you?”

  1. 1. I had not heard that talk and I’m glad you shared it. Lots of inspiration for future writing.
    2. I’ve moved twice in the past 14 months. I’ve gotten rid of so much crap – and I am planning to get rid of even more! I love the freedom of being unburdened.
    3. About 10 years ago, there was a show on the BBC called “Life Laundry.” They helped people sort out their crap and they always brought a “crusher” to get rid of the junk. I want a crusher.
    4. My idea of freedom? That’s easy. Freedom means full wheelchair accessibility everywhere I want to go. No more calling ahead to see if a restaurant/bar/business is accessible. No more needing to use an aisle chair to board my an airplane and having my wheelchair stowed in the baggage compartment – but being able to stay in my own chair for a flight. Personal assistant staff available to me at any time of day or night so I can do whatever I want, whenever I want without worrying about not having help to pee/shower/eat/bathe/dress, etc. This last one will never happen. The others could if society truly believed in equality for all regardless of disability.


    1. 1. So glad you like it! I share it with everyoneeeeeee to the point of being obnoxious!

      2. Have you ever heard of the Minimalists? I’m looking forward to really minimizing my items in the near future as part of this escape plan!

      3. Haha. Sounds like I could also use a crusher. Joint purchase?

      4. When I was recently in Paris – lugging around my huge suitcase – I realized how many of the train stations did not have wheelchair accessibility. It made me a) selfishly upset for my aching arms but later on b)started thinking about people who would be severely impacted by this. And hey, if I ever win the lottery, there is a full-time assistant coming your way!

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      1. I know you are listening to inspirational stuff. Today while driving home one of my “pick me up” songs came on. Do you know “You Are the Universe” by The Brand New Heavies? If you can conceive it,you can achieve it!


  2. Just finished my shift and while enjoying a not so enjoyable ride with the metro I was reading your article. Must admit it got me wondering..
    And wondering.. and wondering like that, I realized I am still dreaming at travelling the world. Apparently I am still at that phase.

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    1. Thanks for reading! Well, I personally think it is never too late…even if right now there isn’t a possibility of dropping everything and hopping on an airplane for a longer-term trip, are there ways to incorporate more travelling into your life within current circumstances?


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