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T-minus 130 days: The 6 stages of deciding to quit your soul-sucking job.

    1. Anger
      “Holy shit why am I still sitting in this goddamn cubicle? How many hours have I wasted here? (7,920!) Why am I not brave/smart/[insert any self-defeating adjective here] to just pull the trigger and leave?
    2. Determination
      Screw paying my bills. I am going to figure out a way to get out of here. I REFUSE to become Mary from the forms department, celebrating her 25-year work anniversary by taking a nap on her keyboard.”
    3. Manic research
      “What am I even good at? (NO CLUE!) When was the last time I didn’t hate my job? (NEVER!) Can I afford to go back to school? (NO!)”
    4. Inspiration
      “Holy shit. This may actually work. I am a magical (and FIERCE) unicorn that has been held back from gifting the world with my talents for far too long!”
    5. Panic“Who am I kidding? I would be insane to give up a steady job. What are people going to think? What if I have to go from $20 bottles of wine to *shudder* $8 bottles?”
    6. Determination
      “Bitch, be cool. You got this. You will figure it out.”



6 thoughts on “T-minus 130 days: The 6 stages of deciding to quit your soul-sucking job.”

    1. I️ couldn’t agree more. I️ also think that you have to find happiness on the journey and realize it’s not a destination. BUT that doesn’t mean that you can’t choose a different journey more aligned with your values.

      I️ think I’ve found happiness in all spheres of my life and have made the best of every day in my corporate existence. But there’s a little voice that’s always tugged at me, wondering if I️ could do more and choose a different path.

      Thanks for reading and leaving your thoughts!

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  1. I love this! You are such an amazing writer.
    I just re-read your “I can do anything” post, and am wondering if now is the time you are going to make one of those “what if’s ” a reality. Writer, photographer, artist, cook, etc. Good luck and I am looking forward to continuing to follow your journey!

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  2. I eeked out a survival in a cube farm for seven and a half years. Then I found my current job which allows me flexibility and freedom, and gives me the opportunity to do things I care about and am good at. You, too, can escape the cube farm. I have faith in you!

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