Word vomit

I can do anything…

…but not everything. And that is where the trouble begins (or rather, never starts).

As the years pass, the more I realize that I must let go of ghost ships of lives not lived; paths not taken. In my attempt to not commit any mistakes, I stand at the precipice of the multi-faceted person I want to be – clutching a list of “what ifs” tightly to my chest.

I now know I will never become a doctor or astronaut. I probably will never win a Nobel Peace Prize (TBD!). I think I’ve come to terms with not living abroad – it has never felt better to lay down roots. But in letting these ghost ships sail, I have determined the “what ifs” I’m not willing to let go of:

Writer. Photographer. Artist. Cook. Philanthropist. Yogi. Meditator. Influencer. Optimist. Functioning adult. Ukulele player.

I’ve mapped out the spheres, now I need to let the optimalist override the perfectionist hanging out on my shoulder whispering nonsense in my ear.

What is the key to letting go of indecision and taking a bold step forward in the right direction…in any direction!?

Current status: reflective / sleepy at 9 p.m. (embracing inner grandma) / obsessed with Iris Apfel


7 thoughts on “I can do anything…”

  1. You have to grab a dream and run with it. Even at age 63 I feel as though I am just beginning. It became time for another sharp turn to the left. “See” where you are going. Really see it. If you don’t know where you are going then you brain can’t figure out the path and open the doors. Finding your inner Zen? Rather you should make the causes today to have the effects you want tomorrow. Good luck on your journey!


  2. Oh lord, I completely know what you mean. I, too, have several things that are difficult for me to let go of, and I’ve already let go of so much. It’s quite terrifying to realize that I’m 26 and some of the dreams I had probably won’t happen. But that said, life’s a beautiful thing and I think it’s important to focus on the journey more than the destination. Good luck 🙂


    1. I agree. I think staying in the present and not getting caught up in the next goal, and next, is one of the most important things I’ve learned over the years. But I’ve also learned that without focus it is hard to manifest your dreams and goals, so I definitely need to keep chugging along. Thanks for taking the time to leave your kind words!


  3. I have some disheartening news for you: at 64, I am still struggling with releasing those ghost ships. My list is very similar to yours (minus the ukulele)–so be careful not to wake up 30 years later still trying to START. You have encouraged me to go USE some art materials that I’ve only been “thinking” about using for the past month (year, decade, etc.). TODAY is all we have. Thank you for this reminder that my younger self quickly became an aging woman with far too many unfulfilled dreams. See that as a warning, m’dear, and begin….


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