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Realization #4 – I must embark on a “Year of Self”

It has been exactly 25 days since Mr. B killed the dream.

During this time, I have eaten my weight in ramen, possibly exhausted Canada’s supply of imported merlot, watched 10 seasons of Friends and listened to more Kelly Clarkson than I care to admit to.

I am happy to report I am officially a functioning human being once more. Despite the rocky beginnings and some inopportune setbacks, I have traded in my sweatpants for my favourite pair of skinny jeans, resumed regular grooming practices and *gasp* am even smiling and laughing again.

As I hinted to in previous posts, I have decided to dedicate 2015 to my Year of Self.

What is a Year of Self, you ask? In its simplest form, it’s a year wholly devoted to my pursuit of happiness. I am determined to turn this mind-numbingly painful experience into something positive; I refuse to let Mr. B’s douchebaggery have any permanent effect in my life. I need to look back on this as the start of something so much bigger than our trivial relationship.

It took me awhile to figure out how I wanted to approach and organize this endeavor (hence the delay in an update). During my brainstorming sessions, I had the opportunity to visit my bestie, Miss. E, in Ottawa over the weekend. After countless hours spent cooped up in a cozy Starbucks (I shit you not, it was -35 °C outside), we finally came up with a two-part game plan:

Ten principles I will drill into my head and live by for the next 365 days. Some are vague; others may seem silly. They all mean something to me. They’ve all been carefully crafted to address the main issues in my life. Click here to read them.

 2015 Bucket List
Self explanatory. Most of these aren’t huge things (with the exception of sky diving!), but they are all things I have been putting off for years; always pushing them into the future. I have bolded some of the recurring items and will be updating my progress as I go. Click here to take a look.

Since this has turned into a long rambling post — and I personally hate long rambling posts — I will leave you with these final words of wisdom:

Bitch, be cool. Do you. This is life. Keep figuring it out.


28 thoughts on “Realization #4 – I must embark on a “Year of Self””

  1. Have you heard of 100 Happy Days – or 100 Days of Happiness or whatever, I’ve seen it both ways. Basically, you take a photo each day of one thing that causes you happiness and share it with the tag. Most people who start the challenge fail by day 70. I started the challenge a week before my break up last year. I continued, because I don’t know how to fail, and it actually was a help. I wrote about my experiences with it: https://deescribesblog.wordpress.com/2014/09/12/if-youre-happy-and-you-know-it/

    It might be worth a try!

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    1. Hey, Dee! Thanks for the suggestion. It’s a great idea. I’ve added the #100happydays tag to my photos, in addition to the #project365 tag. May as well double up on challenges, being the overachiever I like to be, ha-ha. (I also don’t know how to fail, hence some of the issue I have with rejection?)

      Anyways, loved the idea and this part of your post: “No one is happy all of the time, but even when our hearts are breaking and we struggle to find a reason to stay out of bed, there is always a small reason to be thankful. Gratitude helps grow happiness.”

      Do you have an instagram where you posted your photos?


      1. I didn’t use Instagram. I used my Facebook feed. I wonder if there is a way to create an album on Facebook and share it to my Instagram. There probably is, but I don’t have time this weekend to do it. I’m not a big Instagram user. I’ll see what I can do!


  2. I love Friends! I have watched all the 10 seasons tons of times, if that makes you feel any better…
    And having passed a shitty 2014 myself because of mental disorders, I made a 2015-resolutions page too, in the beginning of January. 😀

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  3. Bitch, be cool. Do you. This is life. Keep figuring it out – I say that to myself all the time!! Then I add a “hell yes Bitch, you got this shit handled” – that’s important too 😉


    1. Thanks for the huge compliment! I’m always amazed when people take the time to read my rants and rambles. 🙂 “Always choose kindness” is seemingly so simple, yet I need to remind myself of this multiple times during my day!


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