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Time-out: A pity party is a shitty party.

I’m taking a quick time-out today from boldly declaring the second of my three major realizations and from brazenly setting forth into my new life as an independent, bad-ass bitch (sorry, Diane Farr).

To sum up: Today was shit. Works sucks. I’m out of wine.

I’m hyper sensitive and every-day situations are stressing me out. I am cognizant of the fact that it is not normal to get teared up over the Starbucks barista spelling my name wrong on my coffee cup (#whitegirlfirstworldproblems), or my stapler running out of staples (why does nothing ever last?!).

Before you begin shaking your head, please don’t get me wrong. The general trend is up.

I haven’t actually “ugly cried” since Friday. There have been no urges to text, call or change my mind about Mr. B. He is, and will always remain a complete and utter douchebag. Thank you Mr. B, for at least leaving no wiggle room in my mind about this fact.

What I do know, is that though the general trend is up, it’s not a perfectly smooth line.

Today caught me off guard. I came home and crawled right into my bed, forcing my dog to begrudgingly be my little spoon.

Alas, tomorrow is a new day. I will put my big-girl pants on again, avoid eye contact with the Starbucks barista and try and refrain from throwing my stapler at the wall.

Wish me luck!


30 thoughts on “Time-out: A pity party is a shitty party.”

    1. Yes, my dog is the best. She usually loves to cuddle!

      Times like these I wish my neighbours weren’t an old couple who give me the stink eye every time we stand waiting for the elevator together. 😦

      I will have to prep for tomorrow and ensure I am always fully stocked for emergencies in the future πŸ™‚

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    1. Walking to my kitchen to refill my glass of wine has pretty much been the extent of my physical activity.

      You’re right, perhaps something like that would relieve some of my stress. And give me a killer bod at the same time! πŸ™‚


  1. I see. It seems that writing it out is more therapeutic for you. Well, writing it out is a great outlet for anyone, really. It’s a great outlet for me… Well, good luck with the rest of the week~ haha


    1. Baaaaah. Thanks, Sheep! It really is. I think there are moments during this “journey” that I would have lost my shit completely if I couldn’t moan and rant to strangers on the internet. It’s been a lot more cathartic than I ever could have imagined! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks, girl! And yes, hooray for my fur baby. I would not have made it without her and her cuddles. She is a big teddy bear and I feel like she almost knew in a strange way that I needed to spoon her, ha-ha. Do you have a pup?


  2. Go to 8tracks. Put on an aggressive breakup playlist. Yell with it till you feel empowered enough to face your neighbours in the elevator the next day. Trust me, you need to get the anger out otherwise it’ll creep out through the ordinary cracks of daily life.


    1. Ha-ha. Yessss. My keywords on 8tracks have been: “breakup” and “fuck you.” I made the mistake of stopping at “breakup” the first few times around, and got really sad, whiney songs.

      I completely agree. Every time I feel upset, I’ve been really trying to just deal with it at that particular moment. Otherwise, it really does creep through the cracks. And typically at very inopportune moments (e.g., meetings with my boss!).

      Thanks for taking the time to drop by and leave your thoughts. The 8tracks tip was super helpful!

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  3. These are the sorts of things I do when I’m going through one of my depressive periods. Maybe some medication might help you get over your depression and keep you from hiding under your covers. It helped me.


    1. I would definitely seek that option if I felt the feelings were not dissipating, but I feel like I’ve made enough progress on my own to steer clear of that avenue for the time being. Appreciate the support and advice. πŸ™‚


  4. I love how you can have what seems to be such a shitty day, and yet you write about it so humorously and easy to read. Some things aren’t meant to last, but at least you can always get more wine, staples and your name misspelled on coffee cups. πŸ™‚

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  5. Throw your stapler at the ground outside hard. Or into a trashcan…. the stapler won’t get hurt, nor will the trashcan. Then you can pick it up and apologize to it and feel a bit sheepish. All good…..


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