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Getting Over Mr. B…

I woke up yesterday morning feeling relieved.

Relieved that Mr. B was not beside me, and that I would not be the one driving him to the airport that afternoon. Relieved I would not be the girl he was leaving behind, to pine after him for the unforeseeable future as he kept me at arm’s length. Relieved that he was no longer mine.

This may seem like a big leap from the scorned, wine-chugging, internet shaming ex-girlfriend version of myself you have been acquainted with thus far, but I had three major realizations that got me here…I’ll split them up into my next few posts.

Current Status: considerably less morose / finally eating / still watching Friends


19 thoughts on “Getting Over Mr. B…”

      1. It’s really interesting! I was thinking.. You could even make it into a true-story novel I guess. There’s something about your writing, that makes us all want to read what’s next what’s next! πŸ˜‰ Your writing is sooo good.


  1. The 4 part series is a great idea – I’m looking forward to all of them! As for tactics … well I think it’s totally up to us to use positive tactics and strategies to make our lives the way we want them to be. This could be running, it could be chocolate cake. The point is making the choice for ourselves, not waiting for someone else to sort things out.
    Bravo us!


  2. I so remember this rollercoaster of emotions and this feeling you have in this post is my favorite. The feeling of triumph, clarity and self-power. Keep it up and be kind to yourself. Cant wait to read more and watch you succeed! ~B2B


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