Word vomit

I believe this is what they call progress.

“You were my cup of tea. I drink coffee now.”

Although I still haven’t crawled out of the comfort of my childhood bed (a.k.a. my heartbreak cocoon), and faced my empty condo, I have made a few steps forward. I only cried once. I ate for the first time since Friday and kept it down (knock on wood). My parents have stopped trolling around my door, checking for signs of life. They’ve officially allowed sharp objects back into my room (kidding…).

To be quite honest, I feel neither mad or sad. I’ve passed into numbness. I’m not sure which Stage of Grief this is a part of? Knowing my luck, I added in an extra phase unknowingly.

As suggested by one of my readers, I am giving myself a small kudos for blocking Mr. B from contacting me. I no longer obsessively check my phone to see what his latest retort is or whether his Facebook status has changed. Yeah, I was a Facebook relationship-status girl for the first time in my life. I remember thinking that, “Hey, I’ll never have to change it again. Why not share my happiness?” HAH!!!!!!!!!

Quick Tip: If you don’t want to announce to your 500 closest friends that your boyfriend has just dumped your ass, simply make your relationships status private before changing it, and it won’t show up in everyone’s Newsfeed.

Have you ever been burned by sharing your relationship Facebook status? Please share.


10 thoughts on “I believe this is what they call progress.”

  1. I have never announced any relationship status on social media. After the break up in June I was REALLY glad I had never made that public. I unfriended him because I knew I would have been a stalker. Sometimes it is best to cut ties and squelch all hope. I remain grateful he lives 700 miles away and I don’t have to worry about running into him. Keep taking it one day at a time.

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    1. Lesson learned. Yes, I believe it is best to cut all ties and squelch hope. The one thing I have never had throughout this experience is hope:

      “The cruelest thing, hope, the way it strings you along, the way it makes you believe.”


    1. Sometimes I get the urge to delete Facebook, but there are a handful of friends and family that I keep in touch with on there. I’m not an active user by any means, mostly the messaging feature.

      Thanks! I think i saw it somewhere and jotted it down. I have a whole Word document of random quotes and my jumbled stream of consciousness I’ve been adding to.


    1. Ha-ha, thank you. I must admit, I do refrain from using copious amounts of profanity at times. I re-write my blog posts several times before publishing them.

      When Mr. B originally texted me, my response was almost: “Eat shit.”

      I’m glad I went with a more composed option.

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  2. Keep on keeping on girl!! I was there, I told you.. the not being able to eat without getting sick, the anxiety so bad I thought I couldn’t breathe. the despair. It all goes away in time I promise! And each day you get through adds an extra minute of peace for the next day. And then suddenly you realize you’re fine! You’re happy! You’re a freakin rockstar for surviving that! …And then you will fall in love with someone else and win or lose you give it your all! Throw caution to the wind because you are a passionate person and that is why you feel so deeply.
    And the fact that you blocked, deleted and took yourself out of what I call “the danger zone” (a place that can trigger anxiety and bad feelings) is the trait of an extremely strong person.
    And when you change your FB status, just change it to “widowed” and if someone asks say I killed that no good bastard for leaving the toilet seat up!! LOL FB is all smoke and mirrors anyway


    1. Ha-ha. Damn it, I should have changed it to widowed.

      Thank you for the continued thoughtful comments. I cannot wait for the moment that I am truly over this and can move onto the “finding my inner zen” portion of my journey. Maybe one day I will fall in love again, but right now going to work on ME.

      Facebook is definitely all smoke and mirrors. Bright shiny lives. Have you seen this video? http://dailypicksandflicks.com/2014/06/24/what%E2%80%99s-on-your-mind-short-film-compares-facebook-to-real-life-video/

      I thought it was a great example!


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